Something About Bubbles

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“something about bubbles” is an original political satire comedy series, following two liberal filmmakers as they attempt to make “The Bubble Project”, a documentary exploring the issues that divide our country.

While seeking a better understanding of how people from different parts of the country view racial discrimination, police violence, gun laws, immigration, women’s rights and health care, what is discovered is that we are all flawed and that if you can’t laugh at yourself, you will never even begin to see the other side.

episode one #LoofaFacedShitGibbon

At an LA dinner party, “The Bubble Project” is born. Graham and Mark, two liberal commercial filmmakers, recruit Nate to be the front man for their documentary about Middle America and the political divide. Kimberly serves pâté. Vivian shares a deep dark secret. Graham has a near death experience. Crys gives no fucks.

Directed by Mark Cheng and Graham Brown (USA)

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