I .. Overcame Hothi Mines

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I …. Overcame Houthi Mines

A Yemeni documentary film produced in 2020, with all rights to the director, Mrs. Nasreen Alsbeihi Noman.

A film showing the story of a young woman named “Dalila” who challenged the disability caused by one of the land mines that the Houthi planted at the threshold of the water well next to her house, and amputated her legs three days before her wedding, to deprive her of the joy of her life and make her incapacitated.

She cried on her knees and hands for three years with physical pain, and in Taiz -the city where she lives- she received nothing but empty promises to treat her, -as she explained-.

And without succumbing to the obstruction and terror that Al-Houthi intended against everyone who still rejects his terror and tyranny.

Until MSF adopted her treatment in Jordan and began a long journey of treatment of suffering that culminated in success and returning to the city of Taiz on her feet, as she had wished from the moment she arrived at the hospital.
Dalilah was not able to return to her village, “Al Shaqeb,” as she explained in the film, due to the continued stationing of Houthi snipers in the heights overlooking her village, and the continued laying of mines that were her victim a month before Dalila returned to Yemen, one of her relatives who lost her leg completely to the basin.
Through the film, Dalilah sent messages to Al-Houthi and to the legitimacy.
And to those who provide weapons and mines to the Houthis …
She also sent a message to people of conscience around the world, to cooperate in stopping this tragedy. She thanked all those who wished her healing and sympathized with her story.

The film is a candidate for South European International Film Festival held in Valencia, Spain, for the best short documentary film director and best story category.

Directed by Nisreen Alsbeihi Noman (Yemen)

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