Silent Spring and the Anthropocene

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Concerned scientists, artists, writers, spiritual leaders, and citizenry continue to carry Carson’s banner as we struggle to understand the societal, ethical, and environmental impacts of human activity on our planet.
“Half a century ago, the children of Frank McEntire’s generation studied science in classrooms that self-consciously resembled laboratories: microscopes stood on tables and gas jets protruded from black, plastic-topped counters. On the walls hung graphic summations of fundamental scientific knowledge: evidence of taxonomy, the original business of sorting, categorizing, and naming the identifiable parts of the natural world. These named facts — which scientists believed in then and still do, despite the way society has lost its way and, seemingly deliberately, fallen back into darkness and confusion — were displayed in posters that sometimes showed surface features, at other times labeled cutaway sections, and sometimes presented both together, training the apprentice scientists’ eyes to read superficial features as clues to what lies beneath.” excerpt from the article by GEOFF WICHERT on Frank McEntire’s exhibition Silent Spring and the Anthropocene.
Director Downy Doxey-Marshall has captured the exhibit by prominent Utah artist Frank McEntire on film and has included the artist discussing his work and the Silent Spring concept and its importance to all of us because of the effects of pesticides and plastics and other man made pollutants to our environment.

Directed by Downy Doxey-Marshall (USA)

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