Mirror Game

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There is change…and then, there is disintegration….

In Mirror Game, we begin in the present-day and meet a seemingly ordinary husband and wife, Michael, and Giselle. Embarking upon a cross-country move to New England, both are doing their best to embrace change—and hold on to each other.

However, when Giselle stumbles upon a strange book that is not at all what it seems, their lives will never be the same—or their own—ever again. Unaware of her own connection to the book, or the danger she is in, it’s only a matter of time before Giselle is in over her head—and also out of her mind, body, and soul.

In a dark journey through time, the book has executed its agenda without mercy, making its way down the generations and centuries. While times and places change, one thing remains certain: Mirror Game does not play…and it takes everything.

NOTE: This movie does contain nudity and is the equivalent of “Rated R”

Directed by Angie Rowntree (USA)

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