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Every summer a select group of men and women are tasked with guarding the lives of countless families at the beach. A job that takes courage, selflessness, and dedication to a whole other level. These are not those men and women. No these are the other lifeguards. The Paul Blarts of the lifeguards. The Pool follows a group of community pool lifeguards who are lead by their “fearless” leader Larry aka the hopeless romantic. He is manager of the pool and while he may not be the strongest swimmer, he has the biggest heart. He is a hopeless optimist, living the life of his dreams as a pool lifeguard. Passionate is an understatement; When Larry commits to someone or something he dives in headfirst. Sure, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit to having his eye on that lucrative beach lifeguard gig, but secretly he knows he could never leave his best friends behind at the pool. A ‘straightforward’ thinking kind of guy, Larry loves his country, his whistle and watching a Notebook marathon on the Oxygen channel. How else would he know what love really is, considering his longest relationship has been with his best friend, Noah, aka the entrepreneur. Best friends with Larry. Slicker than sunblock on a changing room floor, some wonder how Noah can be so self-assured when he is a 30 year old assistant manager at the pool. He has thought about embarking on a string of business ideas, but then again that would be too much work. For Noah why work when you can sit poolside sipping on snowconearitas and playing go fish all day. He is his own man, living his own dream, living off his parents. Next up is the youngest of the group, Mel aka the lost one. Beneath Mel’s naive, innocent exterior is a naive innocent interior. But don’t be fooled, she can curse like a sailor – and drink like one too. Endowed with an overabundance of enthusiasm, she looks up to Larry.. and Noah.. and Karen.. and Chlorine Jan, and, well, pretty much anyone that can tie their own shoelaces. She dropped out of college to focus on being a life guard, in the summer. With grand dreams of being a WNBA star, she will only go as far as other people take her. The team is rounded out by Karen aka the mature one. The only one on the team who has a real job, and no we are not talking about lifeguarding. For nine months out of the year she teaches kindergarten. The other three months she babysits…Noah… and Mel…and Larry. Trying to keep these three in line is a full time job, especially when two out of the three people are her bosses. If she could teach year round, lord knows she would. Despite herself, she has a soft spot for the passionate who are determined. Hard working and by the book, she constantly finds herself at odds with the team.

After coming off another failed attempt at running a community pool, the gang was fired. To everyone’s surprise, except for Larry, they have been given another opportunity at redemption with a new a pool. Things quickly go array when Larry shows up to work and finds that someone has shit in the pool. Things go from bad to worse, when local news anchor, Terrance Schander, decides to cover this story. Not only does Larry and the gang have the local spot light on them but they receive a surprise visit from a county inspector, who could shut them down before the evening even gets started.

To ensure they don’t get fired again , Larry insists the team goes through lifeguard recertifications even though they have two years left on their certs. However, being prepared is not enough, why would it be, especially when the vandalization has escalated. In a last ditch attempt to catch vandal and with his back against the ropes, Larry organizes a stakeout at the pool. Will they catch the vandal….probably not but, one thing is for sure, they have a date with destiny. Unfortunately that date is with the “Monstars” of beach lifeguards. Larry and the gang must go head to head in a grueling competition of strength, athleticism, and of course a game of PIG. With bragging rights and relationships on the line, this is the most important day of teams’ summer.

Directed by Adam Bowers and Hayden Livesay (USA)

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