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Boudoir is a short drama film (20 min 41 sec) telling about a young woman and a mature man relationship.
The young woman in the bathroom takes a shower, wears pajamas, uses perfume, and notices the spot of blood on her fingers. She washes them, switches off the light, and goes to the bedroom.
There is a looking sleep middle-aged man on a king-size bed. A young woman comes into the room. She seems a little bit confused. The woman starts to speak to the sleeping man. She tells him she is not crying. The woman lies close to the man and continues to talk to him. He looks profoundly sleeping. She askes the man to forgive her and reminds him of how she came to his house for the first time.
Flashback 1.
The heavy door opens. The young woman wearing a light summer dress comes in. She keeps a book in the arms. There is a mess after moving. The woman passes through the boxes and rises up the stairs. Her voice-over says that she decided to live with the man. Also, it speaks that she is afraid to be kicked out.
The man is putting the red curtains on the bedroom window when the woman comes to the room. She calls him uncertainly, “Professor!” The man did not expect to meet her and behaves a little unpleasant. She brings him the book which the man gave her to read. They speak a little about the book, then she takes courage and tells that she knows he did not want her to come. In a second, the woman drops the book and hugs the man. He is in doubt; however, he embraces her too. The opened book with kisses and moans voice-over finishes the first flashback.
The woman and the man is lying on the bed. She wants to wake him up and asks him to touch her, embrace her, and love her. The man is lying immovably. She touches herself, and her face reflects the spectrum of multidirectional emotions such as desperation, love, sadness, pleasure, pain. In the end, she gets to release. Then, being devastated, she speaks to the man and remembers their video call to the man’s friend.
Flashback 2.
The man with a cup of coffee goes to the back yard. There is a view of the autumn calm and chill forest. The man’s face is thoughtful and detached. The call from his old friend awakens him. The man starts to answer his questions. He says that he had to officially get married to the woman because he faced some university board problems. The happy woman comes to him. The man introduces her to his friend. The woman is cheerful. She tries to be attracted and shows how strong she loves her partner. Then, the woman says good-bye and goes to the home entrance while the men speaking. Suddenly, she hears how the friend asks her partner about his previous wife. From their dialog, she understands her partner cheating on her. She passes the door with tragedy on her face. The second flashback finishes.
The man and the woman are lying on the bed. She is slightly provocative. The young woman says she knows about his previous relationship but did not ask about it and tried to build a new life with the man, leaving the past in the past. She wants the man to speaks to her. She reminds him of how she loves his voice. She says that she never listened to his lectures but was felt in love with his voice. Also, she remembers their last discussion.
Flashback 3.
The young woman sits on the bed and cries. She asks the man why he betrayed her despite her love. The man wants to leave her. He tells her about it in a metaphoric way. He is irritated. He does not wish to continue their relationship. He says he is exhausted by her. The woman is hopeless and frustrated. She stands up from the bed and runs to the kitchen. The woman finds a big knife and touches her left wrist. There is a night thunderstorm outside the window. The kitchen is full of thunderbolt reflections. In the last second, the man stops her, embraces, and asks to forgive. The third flashback finishes with the sounds of thunder.
The couple in the bed. The woman tells the man she forgave him. The woman touches his face and speaks about her love. She promises never to leave him alone and trust him. The man lies motionlessly. The woman hugs him and moves the red blanket from his chest. There is the knife stabbed in his heart. The woman put her head on the man’s shoulder and falls asleep.

Directed by Ted Temny (Timur Temnikov) (Canada)

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