Anti Bodies

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“Anti Bodies” addresses the multitude of roles a single individual can have in society and how the status quo is unstable and deadly. After discovering that they all have covid-19 antibodies, two wealthy couples, with strained marriages, gather in a remote cabin to celebrate. A stranger named Jake arrives at the cabin and manages to join the party by smooth-talking the group. Just as the group cozies up to Jake, they inadvertently learn that he has a dark secret. After learning his secret, they express judgement of Jake’s role in society. Jake explains, while they see themselves as untouchable pillars of the status quo, their roles as doctors, lawyers, and police cause societal destruction as well. One by one Tyler, Ruby, Kathleen, & Matt look past Jake’s flaws and the group continues celebrating into the night. In the morning we learn that relationships have collapsed, partners turning on one another, leading to catastrophic yet predictable turn of events.

Directed by Samuel Swanson (USA)

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