Saigon Sentinal

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Nguyen Van Chuc lives under the bridges on the Saigon River. Driven by a small outboard motor, he goes out onto the river every day. His mission: He fishes the bodies of suicides out of the water so that they can be given a proper burial.

Nguyen is a believer and gets up at 4 a.m. every morning to pray before he starts his work on the Saigon River. He used to be a fisherman, but the river is so polluted for a long time that he can no longer practice this profession. He now earns his living as a water cab that transports people and goods from bank to bank.

The gambling addiction raging in the city has devastating effects. After major sporting events, considerably more desperate people jump into the river, having lost everything.

Once Nguyen fished a man out of the river who was still alive. Nguyen brings the survivor to his family, but they reject him. He had gambled away his entire fortune, left his wife and children, sold his houses and lost everything.

Nguyen believes in what he is doing. He lives to help people in trouble and hopes to be healthy and strong enough for a long time to come.

Directed by Chris Noltekuhlmann (Germany)

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