Lights Within

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A woman living her normal life that starts to bore her. It’s too normal, too dull, nothing seems to have meaning anymore. She came across an old photo album and memories from the old days come rushing in. She remembers being a little girl, starting this journey, finding her “light” that keeps her going. She remembers her mom, patiently guiding her, inspiring her and helping her to give her life meaning, which is the “light” that she carries within her. The “light” that motivates her to try her very best, to live life to her fullest. However, she is also being reminded of when she run out of her “light” and she tried to find it, to get it back. She kept looking and chasing the “light” that is believed and doctrines by others as the source of happiness, the motivation, the success, the fame, the true identity.

However, after the long search, she is being reminded that the “light” is within her all along. It is her that has the power to make her “light” shine brighter and not let the world dim her light. She is the one with the control of her own self, her own dream, her own identity, her true-self. She carries her own “light” and nothing can tell her otherwise. She is being reminded of why she is doing all these things and how the journey made her into the woman she is today.

This story is made to inspire and encourage people especially young adults to stay loyal to their true self and their dreams. It is to remind all of us to focus on things that matter to us and not to rely solely on what the world thinks is right. Always remember this “little girl” who believed in her dreams, who would chase it no matter what, who would not lose herself.

Directed by Gabriella Hanna (Australia)

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