Sight of Hand

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This film is a playful take on the 3 person percussion piece “Sight of Hand” using the 7 performers who brought this piece of modern music to life on stage for over 20 years. The piece was inspired by composer Mary Ellen Childs’ interest in the rhythms and patterns of baseball signals, and she wanted to take the piece back to its origins. Shot on the field and during a game at the Saint Paul Saints’ home stadium, the film incorporates the life and rhythms of a day at the ball park into the rhythm of the original piece. While still featuring the overall arc of the piece, the film highlights the precision of the performers creating the music with their hands, feet and mouth. It also lets the home crowd take part in the performance of a piece of modern music. “Sight of Hand” is a celebration of baseball, music and creativity.

Directed by Caitlin Hammel (USA)

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