Doritos & Shit

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Chad is clearly “the creative” in his business partnership with Nancy. They have made quite a stir with their unique new app design. Drennan and Taylor, an important firm, is considering investing in their company. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Chad and Nancy, and their best hope for realizing their dream of six-figures. But Chad has certain personal issues Nancy believes might sabotage their prospects and are better left hidden from sight. She won’t allow Chad to talk in their meetings. In her mind, the risk is just too high. What neither of them know is that Drennan, of Drennan and Taylor, also has something she has been hiding. And she is willing to reveal what that is, but only in a meeting with Chad, alone. Now, their entire future success rests on the outcome of that meeting.

Directed by Karen Klami and Ken Holmes (USA)

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