Slow Dance

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“Slow Dance” is my filmmaking debut as a writer, director and editor. A short film born from lockdown protocols of the pandemic of 2020. Covid-19 is evident as a backdrop to the film as most scenes will depict solitude. A conscious effort to respect humanity and the world’s situation was at the forefront. 

Filming took place at very early hours before sunrise or before sundown when no people other than the actor and the camera man, my husband, were present. Masks were worn when we had to film in more public places such as outside the office buildings and our distances were kept. 

A story inspired by life, a life full of ups and downs, crashes and burns but above all faith and hope. Finding an ounce of joy and deciding to live for that and the realization that life is a Slow Dance.

Directed by Jeanette Gurza Junco (USA)

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