Dear Parents

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Kavya, a Indian college student, sits alone in her bedroom as she struggles with the idea of confronting her parents about her artistic dreams. She decides to gauge her parents on her ideas but is almost immediately shutdown. The cultural gap between her parents and herself are too apparent and she realizes that there is no real way of breaking their traditional mindsets.
The next day, Kavya retreats to her local park to focus on her artwork. There she is joined by her best friend Crystal. Crystal, being slightly tone deaf, continue to urge Kavya to keep pressing her parents and that no real harm can come from it. Kavya, being blunt, exclaims how Crystal can never understand the issues she has. Her curt response leaves Crystal confused and upset. Crystal leaves a “Major Declaration” for Kavya, pleading her one last time to just chase her dreams before walking away. Kavya reluctantly takes the form before she continues with her drawing.
The next night, Kavya, now with a filled out form, emphatically tells her parents she has made the decision to make art her college major. Her parents immediately berate her and taunt her. Utilizing the success of others and the fear of being an outcast within the Indian community, her parents yell at her forcing her to eventual run out the house. As she tries to come back in, she is left with an ultimatum by her father to abandon art. Kavya ultimately submits to her parents wishes as she drops her art and returns into her household.

Directed by Saneesh Feisal (USA)

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