Viper Virus History in the Making

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A historical event was taking place in South Florida and throughout the world, the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Viper Virus. I wanted to know how people were coping with this virus, what people were thinking and how this was affecting their lives. Because of the virus, Fort Lauderdale closed their beach during spring break. I had to record this historic event and began videotaping in Fort Lauderdale and throughout the area. Thinking this virus would be over soon, I taped as much as I could, deserted streets, closed businesses, it didn’t end. Everything was changing rapidly on a daily basis that affected all of us…masks, quarantine, and social distancing. I was able to get important interviews virtually and continued recording this event through our nations birthday, July 4, 2020. But had the virus ended? It was affecting each person in a different way. It was changing our world. People were concerned and scared. We were now living in a virtual world. What does the future hold? Witness the changes as you watch VIPER VIRUS, History in the Making.

Directed by Celeste Locante Thorson (USA)

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