Stay Sane

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Set in Los Angeles, California 2019, Hana Wagner’s directorial debut “Stay Sane” is a story about a relationship between two aspiring and talented actors, Tara and Tomi who both struggle to pursue their dreams in a city known for destroying hopes and dreams easily.
When Tomi finally gets cast in a Blockbuster on the same day Tara blows an important audition, everything starts falling apart and Tara’s inclination to alcohol and pills almost leads to a disaster.

Accentuated by a powerful soundtrack, the colorful collage of a few days in their relationship illustrates that we can all stumble, emphasizing the importance of a healthy relationship.
In the end you don’t need someone who understands you, you just need someone who wants to and shows up when you need it the most to remind you to believe in yourself.

The beautiful finale is a breathtaking rave of color, vivid and beyond romantic, idealistic, taking the audience away into the land of Meisner Acting Technique.

Directed by Hana Wagner (USA)

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