The Hustle is Real

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“It’s like Thelonious Monk said : Do your own thing.  In 15, 20 years, people will catch on.”
-Jamison Harvey, aka DJ Prestige

“The Hustle is Real” is a story about creating your own lane to make money doing what you love and the hustle and grind that goes along with it.

“If you have to work, you might as well do what you love”

DJ Prestige makes a living as a DJ spinning 7” 45 rpm vinyl records.  He’s also a freelance writer, graphic designer, and champion of all things vinyl.  “I’m really a working-class DJ”

His lane is music that has soul, music that moves you.  Funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, latin, disco, and more are what he delivers at his DJ night.  Whether it’s in the lobby of the ACE Hotel in NYC, the SHAKE party in Brooklyn, behind the decks at various venues on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ, or as a guest DJ at Boston’s SOULELUJAH,  Prestige is known for his impeccable selection that controls the vibe and moves the dance floor.

“90% of what I play people don’t know”, but, they get down and dance anyway because it’s good music.  It’s the beat, the sound, the vibe, all from vinyl records collected over many years. “A lot goes into getting these records”

His site, Flea Market Funk, has been keeping people up to date on recent releases, re-issues, and DJ culture via daily reviews and interviews with other DJ’s from around the world for over 12 years.  Featuring his on point, honest, writing and visually pleasing graphic design, each feature represents the passion and love of the culture.
“I want to be in control -that’s what’s going to make me stand out. I want to control the name, I want to control the vibe, I want to control the visuals”

It’s a full-time job getting the gigs and promoting them, let alone doing the gigs. The hours are crazy and there’s very little downtime.  Jamison is swimming against the current every day in a job that’s off the beaten path.  But, he’s doing what he loves…

“I just wanna evolve as a person and a DJ. And I’m gonna do whatever it takes…and whatever it takes means working harder than the next guy”

…“The Hustle Is Real all the time”

Directed by Thomas B Draudt (USA)

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