Owen the Owl

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Bound to a wheelchair following a traumatic roadside accident, Owen attempts to cope by escaping into the safety of his imagination; an alternate world where Owen resides in a forest as an owl. However, after learning from a medical professional that he has fully recovered from his injury and is free to walk again, Owen is faced with the terrifying task to confront the “real world”. How does one regain control over their life once it has been turned upside down? Finding the answer to this question isn’t made any easier for Owen when his mother (his sole contact) is too busy hurling accusations at him over the phone to be of any support. Also adding to his anxieties is the impending birthday party of the girl he has been secretly in love with for years. Can Owen bring an end to all his pain by sweeping her off her feet? If only this were a Hollywood production. Honest and heartfelt, ‘Owen the Owl’ explores challenging themes of social isolation, fractured families and mental health through a uniquely personal and humorous light.

Directed by Sarah-Jo Bramfit (Australia)

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