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John sits in front of his television, sucked into the new mortal combat video game. He tells himself that this isn’t a problem and his life is normal. This takes us to a classroom where he gets his test back and he gets an “A”. He watches a movie with his girlfriend, Shyann and goes drinking with his boys. John thinks everything’s okay- so okay that during a lunch break he convinces his friends that everything is normal and though his friends believe him, Shyann does not. The lack of attention John has been giving her leads to her leaving- John distant and not caring. A video game binge leads to a dream where John faces the final boss, Liu Kang. There a fight breaks out between them, and though John thinks a nut kick will save him, a Hadouken blast wakes him up to the reality of missing his final exam. John begs his professor to allow him to take exam only to get rejected, leaving him in complete disarray. On top of failing his course, John comes home to find Shyann has left him. Losing two of the good things that are going in his life, John realizes his addiction too late. Left vulnerable in the dark, John turns to extreme alternatives for comfort.

Directed by Matthew Kui (USA)

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