Award-winning fantasy short “MidKnight Adventure” premieres at ISA TV channel

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MidKnight Adventure
MidKnight Adventure

MidKnight Adventure” (USA) is a fantasy adventure film about a ten-year-old boy Matty, an only child with an adventurous imagination, who feels threatened by his soon to be baby sister. The day in which he has been dreading for so long, though, comes twofold: not only is the baby born, but the monster from Matty’s favorite comic book comes to life. As a result, Matty must face off with the monster while avoid losing his parents’ love.

The 15-minute film directed by Michael Lee Chan is available now for streaming at ISA TV channel, from our associate festival Independent Shorts Awards. Awarded Best Child/Young Actor (Drake Bennett) and Best Student Fantasy Short in December 2019.

MidKnight Adventure
MidKnight Adventure

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