Fuzz and Malloy (S02E08 – Two-Thousand-Fuzz a Space Oddity)

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In 1945, at the end of World War II, Maria Orstitsch, infamous, Nazi psychic and founder of the Vril Society, disappeared along with her friend, Traute A., and a small group of SS officers. Rumors of experiments having to do with space travel, and contact with extraterrestrials, are the only clues we have as to their whereabouts. For 74 years it has remained a mystery, until today…

“Fuzz and Malloy” is a strange, over the top, Sci-Fi/Comedy. Follow the adventures of two best friends trying to make it in Hollywood California. After a short attempt at being stand-up comedians, the two somehow fall into becoming paranormal investigators. Watch our heroes easily float through life like a wrecking ball unknowingly destroying everything around them. Prepare yourself for the hilarious misadventures of two lovable dimwitted pals, Fuzz and Malloy.

Directed by Daniel J. Pico (USA)

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