It Will Happen Eventually

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After a night with friends, Sasha takes her usual walk through the city. She encounters the usual harassments: a man on the corner tries to hit on her but she walks away with ease. She rounds the corner onto a darker street and a Stranger begins to walk alongside her. Maybe he isn’t following her. She stops to tie her shoe but the Stranger also stops. She walks faster. Just as the Stranger crosses the street behind her, she ducks into a corner store to escape him. She waits for him to walk by the door but he never does. As she makes a purchase the cashier offers her a ride home but, not knowing who to trust, she declines his offer. She continues her walk home and sees another woman walking alone. Trying to find safety in numbers Sasha tries to walk alongside her. The other woman gets spooked and hurries off. In a last ditch effort, Sasha tries to phone her friend but she suspects she isn’t alone. A shrill scream puts all her senses on edge and she begins to panic. She sees the strange man and runs home. She walks faster and faster, the sound of footsteps growing closer behind her. She runs until she reaches her apartment and makes it safely inside. She sprints up the stairs and into her room. But even inside her room, she can still hear the man’s footsteps climbing the steps to her door.

Directed by Jennifer Heins (USA)

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