Once We Were Trees

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“Once We Were Trees” is an unrelenting document of humans embodying grief. In this short film, dancer-bodies crack open under the weight of climate, ecological and extinction crises in which, sex and trees are commodity, economy and profit drive depletion; and all is lost in an unprecedented moral crisis. Through these live moving bodies and a haunting and destabilizing score, the audience is led through the coming apart of our natural and civilized worlds. Directed and created by St. John’s, Newfoundland dance artist and choreographer, Sarah Joy Stoker, Once we were trees is the product of four years of movement research and creation with seven dance artists. Through collaboration with these artists, Sarah sought to reveal a dystopian environment and reflect on the of madness of greed, brutality, dysfunction, grief and inhabited loss, eventually shaping the live dance production, Our heart breaks, premiered 2018, then adapting it to this film, 2019.

Directed by Sarah Joy Stoker (Canada)

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