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After the railroad forces her alcoholic husband to move North, Ruth DeLay­–a pregnant, destitute mother of four–desperately seeks an unregulated abortion in order for her family to survive the Great Depression. Ruth is based on a true story.

Summary: During the Great Depression, thousands of women died from unregulated abortions–their death certificates read: “Cause of Death: Sepsis, Kidney Failure” instead of “Cause of Death: Unregulated Abortion.” Ruth Delay was one of these women. Inspired by a true story and Ruth Delay’s actual letters written from 1929-1938, “Ruth” leads us through her desperate journey of: taking “Female Elixirs” made of turpentine, experiencing lead poisoning and sepsis from flushing her uterus with water from old pipes, and enduring an unregulated abortion performed by a Doctor who arrived too late.

Directed by Shannon Jarrell-Ivey (USA)

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