Destry Spielberg’s “Rosie” at the Indie Short Fest live screening in Hollywood this February

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A privileged grad student, Jenna, takes a week in her parents beach home to finish her final project for art school. When she encounters Rosie, a sweet young dreamer trapped in the seaside town, the two embark on a reckless summer of discovery and impulsive decisions. 2 young women happen upon each other at the wrong place and the wrong time with no intentions other than feel what they feel in the moment, regardless of the consequences.

This is “Rosie” (USA), the challenging 12-minute film directed by Destry Spielberg confirmed for the lineup of the Indie Short Fest February premiere screening at Raleigh Studios Hollywood on Feb 7th, Friday, at 6 pm.

Rosie” was nominated for Best LGBTQ Short and Best First Time Director (Female) in the season of last October.

Director Destry Spielberg and some members of the cast and crew are going to be at the screening to participate in a Q&A on the film.

Tickets on sale.

Destry Spielberg
Destry Spielberg

“As a first time director, with major shoes to fill and a major shadow cast upon me, it was important for me to create and play within the realm of my own reality and tell a story that resonated with me personally and potently. This film is deeply connected to me but has with it a relatable through line of human dynamics, of romantic relationships that evolve and change. It plays on themes of longing and curiosity and for me was a piece that was essential to create at this point in my life. I hope that people can watch Rosie and take away something special, perhaps a memory of a love they once shared or hope for a love that is yet to come. I’m so thrilled to share Rosie with the world and I cannot wait to continue down this path of honest story telling and movie magic”, states Destry Spielberg.

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