Witchwoods The Movie

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Witchwoods…reedited to include additional scenes and scary moments within the darkened woods of Tennessee. Go with Josh Fenton, his wife Sydney and their friends to investigate the famed Bell Witch. Sydney, knowing that her best friends, whom they have traveled to the world’s creepiest places, were having trouble in their marriages, sought a final adventure to reinvigorate their love for each other. Jackie, and her husband Hank, spoke of divorce and Josh’s brother, Jeff and his partner, Doug also wanted to go their separate ways. The news of her precious friends and family members splits devastated Sydney and she wanted to do what she could to help them realize what they would lose. So, Sydney convinced Josh to buy a tract of land in middle Tennessee that held a troubling legend attached to it. Stories and movies have been written about the infamous Bell Witch and how she terrorized all who dared to enter her woods. Though Sydney didn’t believe the legend, she wanted to get the group together for one final experience. The six friends, all young, energized and wealthy agreed to the two-week excursion into the woods. Bonnie, Sydney’s sister, who lived in Asheville North Carolina was a practicing witch and wanted to come along in case she was needed, though Sydney knew that she was just interested in the history of the location she chose and its infamous spirit that supposedly dwelled there. Along with their guide DR Rumble, they set out to debunk the myth of the Bell Witch and defy the legend of the Bell Witch.

Directed by Johnnie Hector (USA)

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