The Other Woman

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“The Other Woman” is a revenge story set against the dreamy and timeless backdrop of Old Hollywood.

Vera Vague, our unsung anti-hero, enacts an elaborate and vengeful plan to murder the man who broke her heart – Jedd Stanton, an old-Hollywood type cowboy turned movie executive who did our Vera very, very wrong.

After she’s found wearing Jedd’s blood-drenched cowboy hat moments after his death, and the murder weapon found in her heart-shaped purse, Vera is brought in for questioning by the hard-hitting inspector Rolf, a boisterous pretty boy who’s got the hots for Vera. Much to his surprise, Vera confesses to the crime and takes inspector Rolf through her vengeful killing spree. A wild story that he barely even believes himself. How could a woman do such a thing?! Vera’s response – haven’t you ever had a broken heart, Inspector?

This is “The Other Woman”.

Directed by Emily Elizabeth Thomas (USA)

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