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Evelyn, a lonely older woman, owns and works at a secluded gas station in the middle of nowhere. She discovers Craigslist from her regular customer Glenn, and uses it to find a companion. She receives an email from one Sam and they immediately click. Evelyn invites Sam to her store, but stops receiving replies. She worries she blew it, until a mechanic wanders into her store. His name tag reads Sam and she excitedly introduces herself to the man, however it ends up being the wrong Sam. Crushed, Evelyn gives up on her search for a companion until the real Sam shows up at her store. Evelyn is embarrassed when she finds out Sam is also an older woman, but decides to let her stay for a coffee at her store. The two lonely women connect, and share their experiences over a drink.

Directed by Alyssa Angeles (USA)

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