Where to Go ? Where to Come From?(V.4.0)

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Where to go ? Where to come from? (V.4.0)
Where to go ? Where to come from? (V.4.0)

The artist, Hung Keung is witnessing and involving such a change of Hong Kong, as well as this two significant students movement happened in 2014 and 2019. HUNG have been encountering 3 different layers of identity confusing situation since he moved to Hong Kong from China when he was 3. One culture shock was in 1986, one culture shock was in 2007, and the 3rd one is after 1997 – 2014 – and now – 2019. The artist then attempted to transform his body in-between these complicated and seems to be never ending identity confusing situation. Since the Yellow Umbrella Movement started in Hong Kong in 2014, the relationship between some Hong Kong citizen (particularly the teenage and University students) and Hong Kong SAR Gov (The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) have no longer as same as before. If The Umbrella Movement was regarded as a political movement that emerged during the Hong Kong democracy protests, then what happened in 2019, is even more long term protest movement, which have continued with no sign of losing steam for serval consecutive weeks on and off in Hon Kong different areas, even up to now.

Directed by Hung Keung (Hong Kong)

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