In the Midst of Love

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To be in a loving relationship is one of the greatest feelings. You have someone you can rely on, someone to call your own, someone to love you for who you are. Life becomes familiar and stable. But suddenly, a chance encounter with someone new sparks a curiosity which leaves you wanting more. At first, you test the waters with some harmless flirting, but soon after a fresh romance, new experiences and dangerous desires take hold as you savour the excitement of a new lover. Meanwhile, your heart gently reminds you of a love that you once knew is still waiting for you.

Whether it’s thrust upon you by your significant other, or whether it’s your conscience telling you that what you’re doing is not right. At some point, you will need to choose. You may decide that the risk of tearing yourself from old and building foundations anew may be too much for what its worth. Or, you may decide that life is too short to stay within the confines of safety and take the leap. In the end, we must realise that only we are responsible for our own happiness.

Directed by William Sun (Australia)

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