Un-Dateable Britt

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Britt is convinced monogamy is a trap and something older generations were obsessed with because they had no true career ambitions. She thoroughly enjoys the swipe community…. through the powers of the apps she can engage or disengage with whomever she pleases. One evening Britt decides she really wants to get out there and drink and flirt and who knows….so she messages some lingering options, some new ones, until finally Someone says “Yes”! Excitedly she gets ready for this date however as soon as the date begins things do not go as she had hoped. In fact, they head in a totally unanticipated direction that she does not handle well… one thing leads to another and bam Britt is dateless, but don’t let that fool you, she never gives up so easily. If Britt feels like getting drinks and getting frisky oh frisky she will get-just watch and see how her “date night” unfolds and how Britt does seem to be… un-dateable.

Directed by Jacob Swanson (USA)

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