Pier Las Vegas

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Gao Xing, a hearing-disabled and vocally impaired person from a small town in China, an ordinary house keeper at a Las Vegas casino hotel, always rummage through the guests’ luggages secretly while cleaning the room to search for clues about his sister who was adopted by an American family long ago.

Hotel work is only a part of Gao’s life. He shuttles in the crowds at the most prosperous city with a teddy-bear suite after work, and distributes the tracing notices to passers.

At one afternoon, when Gao was cleaning a room, he encountered a girl who was going to the music festival near the hotel. After she left, in her suitcase, Gao found a little bear toy which was the one hand-stitched by her mother when he was young. Gao was smiling and tearing, but he couldn’t hear the continuous gunshots outside the window. The massive shooting at the Las Vegas Music Festival that shocked the world later on is happening…

Directed by Yun Xie (USA)

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