A Death Perspective

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When Don Barath dies he leaves two daughters at opposite ends in life. Daisy, optimistic and accepts that problems, setbacks, and tragedies such as death happen in life. She believes in happy endings and will wear a smile to convince herself and those around her anything is possible. Leah, on the other hand is pessimistic. Expecting the worst, she is rarely disappointed and expects everything in her life to turn out badly. Surrounded by a colourful array of guests, Daisy and Leah reunite at the wake of Don’s death and come face to face with the realities the impact he’s had on each of their lives. Smiling or crying, blessing or a curse, remembering the good times or dwelling upon the missing void that was left when his death occurred, A Death Perspective tackles the good and bad in life and how different personality types view death.

Directed by Jessica Orcsik and Robbie Ryde (USA)

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