Space Diner Tales

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The year is 2075 and an alien race is set upon conquering Earth. These aliens, known as Space Natives, originated the human population on Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago. At present, an evil sect of the Space Natives is secretly replacing key people of power on earth with clones that are under their control, eliminating those who resist. The takeover is spearheaded by Leland Crosswick, also known as “The Surgeon”, because of his twisted genetic surgical obsessions.
Leland’s right hand man is Fenix, an eccentric assassin, who oversees the Space Diner, a prison-like zone that exists as a world between worlds, a dimensional crossroads between space and time. The Space Natives search out Jett, a half-breed mix of Earthling and Alien. Jett is in love with Stella, a local from his hometown outside of the barren desert of Los Angeles, but Jett is trapped in a world of family troubles, including a traumatized mother and a crazed and violent father driven mad from a past encounter with Fenix. Jett meditates in the desert, in an effort to calm himself and escape his troubles. While meditating, Jett is visited telepathically by Soul Bird, a Space Native who is pro Earth/against the take over. Soul Bird tries to influence Jett, to teach him about his innate genetic gifts, but an inexperienced and unprepared Jett then tries to confront his
abusive father. There is a horrible accident, in which Jett accidentally kills his father using his newly discovered abilities.
Jett, in a state of shock wanders out into the street and is killed in an accident. Soul Bird witnesses the event and takes Jett’s body to his master, Kekoa, who gives up his own physical form to heal Jett. Returned from the dead, Soul Bird begins to enlighten Jett of his role in saving the Earth from Leland’s plot. Jett begins to train under Soul Bird to harness his powers.
As Leland and his people become aware of Jett and his growing threat to their plot, a band of Leland’s hench-men are sent to capture Jett. Imprisoned and awaiting execution on the foreign planet, Jett’s predicament leaves the fate of the world at stake. Through a spatial and temporal mental conduit known as Dream Sense, Jett manages to reach Stella, and calls on her to rescue him. With the aid of Soul Bird, Stella must brave the world of the Space Diner, that path between worlds that links our own to that of the Space Natives, in a desperate attempt to rescue Jett and to save Earth from a subversive take over.

Directed by Aaron Huisenfeldt and Keith Russell (USA)

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