Signs: A Journey of Soulmates

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Allie, a Romance Novelist and Chris who travels for his job take a much-needed vacation to save their marriage due to Chris’s infidelity. Jonathan, a prominent WHO Physician must travel to India to train health professionals and care for his elderly parents. While his wife, Brooke, a well-kept woman, lonely has started a passionate affair with a younger man and wants a divorce.

Directed by Cheryl Gallegos and Trey Carswell (USA)

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  1. It was an amazing experience working with Asst. Director – Trey Carswell, and the TALENTED Cast: Deanna Rashell – Allie; Jamil “Jay” Winston – Chris; Darin Ferraro – Jonathan; Veronika Stoykova – Brooke; Michael Pelaez – Tarot Card Reader; Jan Bumbak – Brooke’s Lover. Music provided by Michael Clarity and Lewis Garcia; Cinematographers – Sandro Bukovnik & Felipe Duque Piedrahita; Sound by Robert Hernaiz, Make Up – Markita Gibson; Extras: Nicolette Bumbak, Stephen Bryant, Noah Banker, Amanda Van Over, and our location hosts: Dr. John & Sandy McClure III (Morning Glory Cottage, Clearwater Beach, Florida), St. Petersberg Clearwater Film Commission; Clearwater 46 Fire & Rescue, Bobbi Hill Casting, Personal Assistants: Monifer Pitter & Denise Larracuenta.

    Coming soon – the sequel to SIGNS – A Journey of Soulmates in 2020.

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