NMA Ocumentary

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When a bartender introduces a film producer from New Zealand to a work colleague and his dysfunctional family, it sets off a deadly sequence of events.

In search of a story, an ocumentary producer from New Zealand calls into a bar where Josh Hardaway a recovering addict works.

Unwittingly Josh offers up his colleague Wyatt Avant as a potential subject.

An interview with Wyatt unearths his dysfunctional family—borderline genius brother Aaron and abusive opioid dependent, father Jed.

Josh has more subjects for the producer—single mother Sharon Smith and ten-year-old daughter Alyssa who is deeply affected by the Parkland, Florida school shootings.

The one bright light in Wyatt’s life is aspiring journalist girlfriend, Sophia Lopez.

Directed by John Reyer Afamasaga (USA)


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