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Payam is writing on his second book while dealing with a depression after the end of a long term relationship. During the night he dreams of a woman in a blue dress. There is something about her that intrigues him. After going to his ex-girlfriends birthday party he decides to move to a cabin in the woods. One day, while hiking in the woods he sees somebody. It´s the woman in the blue dress. She is running. The following day he decides to try and find her, and after a while he does. He finds her sitting on a rock down by the water. She looks sad. Payam tries to comfort her, and she starts kissing him. The fall asleep by the water. When Payam wakes up she is gone, nowhere to be seen. Then, al of a sudden she arises from the water walking slowly towards him. She´s now wet and her face is covered in blood. He has seen her face like that before in his dreams. The sight scares him. He runs to his car and takes off. But she appears by the road only to disappear again. He runs in to the woods to find her again, losing his mind. When climbing a rock he falls down and hits his head and loses consciousness. Just before the last moment of consciousness leaves him he sees someone coming towards him. It´s her. She gives him a kiss. We see the trees dance and Payam is not moving. The woman in the blue dress is no longer there.

Directed by Martin Öhman (Sweden)

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