The After Party

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Meet Skye Monroe. Reality Show Star. Social Media Queen. And blissfully unaware of how self-centered she is. The red carpets Skye casually steps on with her Jimmy Choo’s, could be said to represent the spilled blood of those she walked on to get where she is today. In Skye’s mind a party just is not a party without the Monroe touch. And as long as she is game, the party never ends.

Skye drinks what she wants. Snorts what she wants and takes who she wants. With every deplorable act Skye does, she believes it makes her more powerful. Someone like Skye doesn’t really have friends, but followers – tagging along for every moment of her life thanks to her endless streams of posts covering everything from her morning workout to her exciting night on the town.

But for women like Skye, who ultimately are addicted to themselves, there does come a judgement day. And we’re not talking the amount of likes on her latest Instagram post. Tonight, Skye will be put on trial for her deeds. Her courtroom is a little dive bar tucked away in the corner of any urban decay, appropriately called, ‘The After Party.’ Her jury will be four sophisticated women shooting a game of billiards.

Directed by Colin Francis Costello (USA)

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