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This is the story of a young boy Rigo, who resides in Mexico. He faces challenges like many others in his country; poverty, lack of education and insecurity. He decides to better himself and emigrate to the United States. He embarks on his journey with his best friend Lupita . He leaves behind his mother in search of the American dream to provide for his mother.

Directed by Adrian Moran (Mexico)


  1. When and where is going to be available?

  2. It seems like a good short film. I’ll love to see it.

  3. Rigo..I would really like to see it and I am sure that it’s a film that will touch our hearts and will bring us closer to our culture.

  4. ¡Ya quiero verla! Talento nuevo mexicano 😀

  5. Rico. I would like to see it . It seems to be very interesting . Congratulations to the director

  6. Esta muy buena este filme, nuevo talento mexicano con muy interesantes propuestas.

  7. It seems like finally someone is touching this point a lot of kids are loosing their lives trying to cross s the border every day and a good way to get attention about it it’s by creating this kind of films to educate people.

  8. I will love to see the movie and also support New Mexican talent as director we need fresh vision I can wait !!!

  9. Que padre que el talento y la juventud tengan estás oportunidades! Apoyemos siempre a los que empiezan, ya quiero verla

  10. Interested in this kind of films, documentary’s since I personally live in the border land. Can’t wait to see it!

  11. Donde la puedo ver? Es un tema muy interesante, la inmigración es algo que se viene practicando desde hace muchos años y hasta la fecha sigue siendo una gran problemática en todos los aspectos y nadie hace nada para solucionarlo, muchos creen que solo pasa en programas de tv pero es la realidad y la estamos viviendo.

  12. This is an especially poignant and fascinating entry into the world of those unaccompanied children who risk their lives and endure the fear and heartbreak to flee from their desperate and violent homelands in search of hope. It’s a gut-wrenching and fascinating experience that we partake in an exquisitely crafted short film.

  13. Without a doubt the best description both director and actor can give in such a short film about life, reality and its struggles. Loved it!

  14. Exited about this short film! Can’t wait to see it.

  15. Considero que será un buen film, hay que dar oportunidad a nuevos talentos y más aún si son mexicanos, por el esfuerzo, dedicación y lo difícil que es para salir adelante.


  16. Really good talent developing on him, can’t wait to watch it!

  17. It looks very interesting how this short film will cover the issues that some People have in our country.
    Im really looking foward to seeingit

  18. Excelente filme y que gran talento mexicano!

  19. Considero que será un buen proyecto, vale la pena darle oportunidad a talentos mexicanos, por el esfuerzo, dedicación y espero ver pronto su film

    Exito saludos!

  20. Exelente!!
    Ya quiero ver este filme.
    Mucho exito 😎👌

  21. Muy buen cortometraje me encntaria verla completa !🙏🏼

  22. La quiero ver una pelicula de director mexicano cool

  23. Ansiosa de ver todo este trabajo, el gran esfuerzo y la dedicación que se puso en el ! 👏🏽 Vamos con todo 🙃

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