The Angels

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A man named Joe, who moves to Los Angeles with the dream of becoming a film director. As soon as he arrives, he hates LA. Everything is fake: the people, the industry, the city. Joe tries to work on his new script but he has writer’s block. Tired of working his minimum wage job and not having the motivation to keep on going, he meets a girl named Chloe Burbank. They fall in love; Joe shares with Chloe his passion for film. They both explore the city, watch movies and grow together. Time goes by and Chole falls out of love with Joe. They break up and Joe goes through a major depression. Then one day he finds inspiration in his heartbreak, and he writes a story about Chole. At the end he realizes that Chole was not just a person that he fell in love with, it was also the city he lived in.

Directed by Atlante Guajardo (USA)

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