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This is a day in the life of Kasra – a self-motivated millennial ravenously pursuing his piece of the American dream. Success is held paramount even to the detriment of personal relationships. Kasra’s dealings with his parents are cursory and strained – even when they call to tell him that his brother has gone missing. His quest for self-mastery compels him to work out compulsively, meditate frequently and hustle tirelessly as a web consultant or with one of his other cryptic side projects. Still, he’s not immune to the longing for meaningful human connection, and he taps the brakes to explore an encounter with a beautiful young woman from work who’s intrigued by his mysteriousness. As the day passes into night his brother’s apparent disappearance takes center stage and may, in fact, have something to do with one of Kasra’s side projects.

Directed by Gianluca Piovani (USA)


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