Standing Up, Moments From a Movement

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“Standing Up, Moments From a Movement”, chronicles the 2016 Native American-led resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline from its epicenter, the Oceti Sakowin protest camp at the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.

Through the images and sounds recorded by photojournalist Mark Manley, the film takes the viewer into the camps to meet the self-proclaimed “Water Protectors” devoted to protecting the water and land.

The Native Americans we encounter at Standing Rock came together from numerous tribes around the country, forming one of the largest gatherings of indigenous peoples in modern history. This gathering grew into a community united in a commitment to environmental justice and a deeply spiritual love of the Earth itself — in the process gaining an affirmation of their own empowerment as caretakers and protectors of Mother Earth. Ultimately this community sparked national and global awareness of critical environmental issues and their influence continues to be felt, and valued, today.

Directed by Mark Manley (USA)

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