Indie Short Fest

The Tanner

A scripted comedic series centered in the on demand beauty industry in Los Angeles about people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, their spray tans, and the girl who gives them.
Directed by Daria Rountree and Marcelle Pallais (USA)


“Joyride” explores the optimism of facing fear to triumphantly become the person you’re meant to be in life. The video is a testament to that belief exploring how a surfer boldly attempts to conquer the ocean while a little girl fights to overcome her fear of it.
Directed by Ben Fraternale Featuring Scott Rocco (USA)


In an attempt to fix his bad dating karma, a former playboy-turned-radio producer anonymously calls into his own radio show posing as the dating guru for women known as ‘Ask Joe’.
Directed by Robert Alicea (USA)


“Transgression(s)” stages the secrets and mutual lies of a couple told from the perspective of a middle-aged african-american woman that thinks that the relationship between she and her husband has been clarified after a conversation. But the husband, that tells her, like a voice of her conscience, that she is a liar and that she’s hiding something, is the one which is actually hiding the biggest secret.
Directed by Eric Weber (USA)

The Symposium

Through the whines and whispers of broken liquid souls, Eros returns to make us whole again by Plato’s words and the myths that form his true and rusty nature.
Directed by Thotti Cardoso (Brazil)

Drawn Curtains

Jeanne, hoping for a simple getaway, checks into a hotel for the weekend. While settling into her room, she discovers a man watching through the window across from her own. Although initially repulsed, Jeanne finds herself growing more and more enthralled with the strange figure, eventually seeking him out. Meanwhile, she is flooded with memories of a past trauma. Separated by the glass, their relationship progresses to a boiling point.
Directed by Marfisia Bel (Canada)