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Olivia is an idealistic school teacher in a relationship with a lawyer who suspects she’s being unfaithful. The truth is, a night a week, Olivia transforms into her alter ego, Prince Of Persia, the local leading player the game, Invaders, a clandestine game played physically using the android from iconic Space Invaders, stuck in signposts in the streets, read as a QR code using a phone app to open missions, recharge lives and rise levels combating with martial arts techniques.
Olivia needs to accomplish a mission to rise up to level eight and gain access to play in Paris in the Continental league, however, she’s ambushed by two players, Atari and Pac-Man, who break the game’s rules to steal her mission and lives. In a jiu-jitsu pose, Atari and Prince Of Persia recognize themselves, what can jeopardize their real lives.
Upon game over for Prince Of Persia, she remembers why she started playing the game, to get over a heartbreak, what motivates her to fight her way back in the game so she visits Wallace, the Game-master, to finish her mission.

Directed by Marta Jiménez (Spain)

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