Semi-Finalists: September 2021

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A Strong Black Woman My Azz! by Delisa Maria Seng (USA)

Blue Jeans Blues by Manuela Nudo (Canada)

Born to Die by Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

By Fiddler’s Hill by Liam Sullivan (Canada)

Captive by Jessica Ridenour (USA)

Charlotte and the Therapist by Juliette Short (UK)

Dead Mother’s Numbers by Warren Paul Glover (Australia)

Dock-umentary, A Kid’s Trip Through IEPs, Pandas and Pandemics, Oh My! by Lauren Braddock Havey (USA)

Emma by Sarah de Groot (USA)

Epilogue by Michael Bitanga (USA)

Exist by Niaz Parvaresh (USA)

FaceTime With The Rickkenbakker Family by Thomas Connelly (USA)

Foras by Matthew K Gutierrez (USA)

Hues fo Blue by Manuel Alejandro Vargas (USA)

Inner Ability by Jordan Scott (USA)

Into the Night by Cameron Behm (USA)

Joy of Repitition by Andrea Grano (USA)

LA Locals – Marley by Kelly Sarri (USA)

Lucas by Sathya Bharath (India)

Never Alone – Chad Szeliga by Adam Arnali (USA)

Not Alone Anymore by F-M Cossey, Christine Parker, and Elizabeth Usher (Australia)

Notes from the LA Nightlife, 1998-2008 by Sky Palkowitz (USA)

One World by Diane Paloma Eskenazi (USA)

Reopening Roxie by Daniel Parris (USA)

Room 1403 by Masaaki Mitsuyasu (USA)

Skulled by Maggi (Iceland)

Stream of Consciousness by Jesse Shore (USA)

Tangerine Labyrinth by Samwell Freesun (USA)

The Basin: Ode to the San Juans by Steele Burrow (USA)

The Case of the No Good Low-Down Creep by Jay Carney and Penny Towers (USA)

The Essence of Adolescence by Joshua Nelson (USA)

The Luke Shaw Story by Christopher Stephen James Wong (USA)

The Polar Caps of Memory by Joachim Hofmann (Germany)

The Public is Not Present by Nikolaas Boucquey (Belgium)

The Uninvited Guest by Haijia Wu (China)

The Van by John Terranova (USA)

Thunderbolt! The Movie by Priscilla Webbe (USA)

Trying To Dance by Diego Munoz (USA)

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