Semi-Finalists: March 2021

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Bad Dog by Miguel Maldonado-Velasco III (USA)

Blossom by Phil Beastall (UK)

Cracks in the Coast by Mary Piller (USA)

Days in My Heart by Dominic Mensurati (USA)

Deliver Me from Evil by Jonas Stewart (USA)

Desert Acid Opera by Isaiah Taylor (USA)

Detached by George Ebro (USA)

Drifting by Hanxiong Bo (China)

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family – A Web Series (Season 3) by Thomas J Connelly (USA)

Glitch by Chris Gorman (UK)

I Don’t Want What I Can’t Have by Matthew Cassani (USA)

I Need To Get Out by John Jenkins (USA)

I-40 by Catherine Giese (USA)

Inner Voices by Duncan Kinzie (USA)

Lemonade by Tommy Kelly (USA)

Meet Blue by Lia Fortier (USA)

Metres Apart by Teele Dunkley and Paul Andrew Goldsmith (UK)

My Little Brother by Moris Zingman (Russia)

Outsideness by Bryce Cristiano and Yanqi Zhang (China)

Pandora’s Box by Alex Rowan Cattell (USA)

Quarantine 2020 by Alex Magaña (USA)

Quarantine Dream by Bradley Young (USA)

Recipe For Love (Episode 1) by Marion Pilowsky and Georgia Humphreys (Australia)

Recovery Storytelling by Meghann Perry (USA)

Resigned by Katiuscia Cancedda (Italy)

Scarecrow by Umut Ulas Er (Turkey)

Shades by Vee Rodriguez (USA)

Sleepwalker by Kendrick Whiteman (USA)

Sonic Conspiracies by Matthew Dickinson (USA)

The Game of Life by Hamid Araghi (Iran)

The Hat by Kim Page (USA)

The Life Cycle of A Fly by Mario Carlo Yanes (USA)

The Spark of My Eyes by Hugo Pallete (USA)

Til Death by Matthew Scoopo (USA)

Visio by Antonio Lugo (Puerto Rico)

Wait A Moment by Edris Naseri (Iran)

Xo Stella – A Love Story Set to Flames by D.J. Holman (USA)

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