Semi-Finalists: July 2021

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54 Years Late by Michele Wright (USA)

A Long Road to Liberty by Bryan Beasley (USA)

Annunziata: An Italian Immigration Story by Natalie Cicciarelli (Australia)

Around Every Corner, Part 1 by Francesco Nuzzi (USA)

Birthday Call by Wen Shi (USA)

Bounty by Robair Sims (USA)

Breathe by Lizette Hunter and Angel Contreras (USA)

Cooked by Marshall Waters (USA)

Dinosaurs by Jailyn Osborne (USA)

Escape by Seungjae CJ Hwang (USA)

Freely We Serve by Anna White and Emily Kaye (USA)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Lament of Dreams by Nick Pastorino (Japan)

Gone by Robert Kubilos (USA)

Hacking the New Jim Code by Marina Cepeda (USA)

Hide & Seek by Dean Smyth (Australia)

High Ceilings by Danilo Dayani (USA)

Hope. by Lauren Ash (USA)

In Their Shoes by Jacob Beitle (USA)

Life Is a Game of Chess by Jason Boyer (USA)

Lifelines by Brooke Smiley (USA)

Locked Out by Matthew Cassani (USA)

Low Pro Po by Glenn McBride Jr, Jimmy Kelly, and Brannon Brass (USA)

My Savior by Elizabeth Ding (USA)

Nadia Mejia’s: AI Driven Interactive Food Film by A.J. Kamdar (USA)

Number Nein by Robert Glenn (USA)

O N E by Chris Beauchamp (USA)

Oh, God? by Terri Apple (USA)

Photographs by Loy Boyter (USA)

Podroz: With Faith By Her Side by Matthaus Schumacher (Australia)

Poor Guy by Ryan C Jordan (USA)

Resignation by Kevin Austra (USA)

Screaming In Silence by Robert Lee Glenn (USA)

She by Derrick Getzfred (USA)

Street Magic by Stephen Lloyd (UK)

Sunset In The Park by Jiaxiang Zhang (USA)

Testing the Waters (A Post-Pandemic Parable) by Catherine Butterfield (USA)

The Book by Jef Figallo (USA)

The Dukha by Carmen Morrow and Zach Wolf (USA)

The First Date by Amanda E.K. (USA)

The Fumble by Ryan Pater (USA)

The Pizza Paradox by John McCloskey (USA)

The Wake-Up Call by James Kahn (USA)

This Case and My Life by Ana A P Braunstein (USA)

Tyrone Evans Clark – Gotta Get Some Tissue! by Tyrone Evans Clark (USA)

Universe by Brace Beltempo (Italy)

Vantity by 大新闻 搞个 (China)

Watercolours In Rain by Michael Q. Adams (Canada)

Weekend At Myrna’s by Terri Apple (USA)

Welcome Home by Dana Crypto (USA)

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