Semi-Finalists: February 2022

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Acti-Sye by Angelo Nathanael Garcia (USA)

Against All Odds by Adam B. Smith (USA)

Birdy by Cristina Ballesteros (UK)

Bulletproof Boulevard by Junsang Yoo (USA)

Dear Whoever, Love Lebo by Lebogang Matseke (USA)

Draining by Weichi Chen (USA)

Emergency Musical Response by Cosmo Swevens (USA)

Fammie the Vaudevillian Bug by Mannary Park Films (USA)

Flaming Straight Guy by Pepper Janes Gallegos (USA)

Follow The Smoke by Brad Kofman (USA)

Fred Niblo: A Life of Art and Love by Darryl M Haase (USA)

Future Love by Teddy Moreno (USA)

Gaslighted – Banjii & Mayuri by Mayuri (USA)

Haunted Burqa by Hellen Rose (Australia)

Icon – Memoirs of a Master Craftsman by Kala Shreen (India)

Keep Creating, Don’t Give Up by Drake Dalgleish (USA)

Kick Me! by Jiadi Tang (USA)

Likee Multi by Teddy Moreno (USA)

Lizard by Darrin Williams and Curtis Leitch (USA)

Marionettes by Paul Sestakov (USA)

Missy Jubilee 175 Beautiphul by Missy Jubilee (Australia)

My Heart by Tamara André, Tania Mariama, and Angela Morant (Spain)

No Way Out by Caleb Bergner (USA)

Nonino’s Gift by Hernan A Ancerra (USA)

One Moment, One Life: I Remember by Ruth Finnegan (UK)

P.O.W.E.R.S: Book One by Mahalia Jackson-Butler and Christopher Delao (USA)

Past Knife by Michael Nash (USA)

Risky Business by Chris Owsiany (USA)

Static Storm by Mya Pullins (USA)

The Box by Chris Montanez (USA)

The Edited by Adam Choit (USA)

The Gilbert Diaries: The Funeral – Episode 3 by Frank Modica and Janet Cutugno (USA)

The Haunted House by Teddy Moreno (USA)

The Therapist Cabin by Fan Wu and Jason Wood (USA)

The Transaction by Kyle Cristello (USA)

The Weight of Things by Maddox Joseph (USA)

The World According to Covid 2020 and Beyond by Cathie Boruch (USA)

Valentine’s Night by Thomas Bozalis (USA)

Whala Whala!: An Italian Dad Talk Show by Emily Sen (USA)

Woke by T. Gerard Jamroz (USA)

Words We Never Said by Jagar Nijjer (Canada)

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