Production Nominations: February 2021

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Best Producer

Aeryn Lee and Gentry Lee for Permafrost (USA)

Guy Trevellyan for Ora (UK)

Jonah Lindley for Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Megan Dahl, Kevin Gillese, and Lara Smith for That Was Awesome! (USA)

Seidy Lopez, Minerva Vier, Justin Huen, Ivan Davila, and John Ealy for Shevolution (USA)

Best Production Design

Chloe Lambert for Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Hanna Li for The Last Zombie (Australia)

India Altschul for Gateway Drugs (USA)

Jonah Eslinger for Permafrost (USA)

Violet Cloutman for Ora (UK)

Best Original Screenplay

George Paraschiv for With Arms Wide Open (Romania)

Jonah Linley for Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Keegan Luther for Equity (USA)

Kevin Gillese for That Was Awesome! (USA)

Mathieu Nolhier for Armpit! (UK)

Minerva Vier for Shevolution (USA)

Nathaniel Porter for Permafrost (USA)

Zaira Armendáriz for Under My Skin (USA)

Best Cinematography

Billy Bone, Farshad Foroudi, Matt Henry, Ali Kubba, JJ Trinidad, and Andy Willmott for Diamonds – Timmy Trumpet (Australia)

Brandon Veen for Permafrost (USA)

Chase Brockett for Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Daniel Morgan for Help (UK)

Matt Shepherd for Pebbles (Australia)

Mickey Vissers for Ora (UK)

Robert Vaughn for Milk (USA)

Tyler Brown for Gateway Drugs (USA)

Best Editing

Anna Fletcher for Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Joe LaRue for Hallway (USA)

Johnny Yong Bosch for Ark Exitus (USA)

Jose Restrepo for Fly Myself Home (USA)

Nancy Patiar and Mazin Akar for Valens (Lebanon)

Rob Steger for The Funny Runner (USA)

Sam Shapiro and Matt Henry for Diamonds – Timmy Trumpet (Australia)

Victou Pinault for 2801 (Armenia)

Best Sound Design

Adrian Bilinski for The Last Zombie (Australia)

Johnny Yong Bosch for Ark Exitus (USA)

Oska Zervoudakis for Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Best Sound Editing

Fear Actually (USA)

Fly Myself Home (USA)

Johnny Yong Bosch for Ark Exitus (USA)

Lucky, Lucky (Australia)

Tempted (USA)

Best Sound Mixing


Best Costume Design

India Altschul for Gateway Drugs (USA)

The Last Hope (USA)

The Waiting Room (USA)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling


Best Special Makeup

India Altschul for Gateway Drugs (USA)

Shaina Hovrud for Permafrost (USA)

Victoria Sandoval for What If (USA)

Best Original Score

Adrian George Popescu for With Arms Wide Open (Romania)

Alan Williams for Moving Art: Whales and Dolphins (USA)

Aysha Pretki for Pebbles (Australia)

Cody Read for Permafrost (USA)

Douglas J. Cohen for Don’t Stay Safe (USA)

Hoo Yoon Na for Beating Heart (for Supremacy) (USA)

Kevin Dippold for What If (USA)

Rafa Carbonell for Gateway Drugs (USA)

Best Original Song

Blind by Rafa Carbonell, for Gateway Drugs (USA)

Broke Me by Jessica Sharples, for Jen, 28 (USA)

Love Is Something by Joshua Scott, for Love Is Something (USA)

Shouldn’t I Remember? by Douglas J. Cohen and Cheryl L. Davis, for Don’t Stay Safe (USA)

What Do We Do? by Pete Diggens, for What Do We Do? (USA)




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