Production Nominations: August 2019

Indie Short FestBest Producer

Ashley Lackinger and Kristen Tepper for For Better: Darren + Jack (USA)

Austin Chunn for Intolerant (USA)

Ilan Stavans for The Silence of Professor Tösla (Mexico)

Malique Harris and Mckayden Todecheenie for Neutropia (USA)

William Wonders III for Fixing Grandma (USA)


Best Production Design

Andrea Riba for Generation Z (USA)

Maggie Muldoon for Killing Time with Lizzie Boredom (USA)

Nataly Vergara Adrianzén for The Game (Peru)

Paola Garcia Villegas for Daisy (Canada)

Yuelin Zhao for Where Dreams Rest (USA)


Best Original Story

Adrien Dupagne for The Soft Parade (UK)

Miskar Chomse for Body and Mind (USA)

Nathan Waire for Virulent (USA)

Rachel Forman and Paige Klone for Bad Assistant (USA)

Serena Dong for Invisible Murderer (USA)


Best Cinematography

Andrew Rodger for Contenders (UK)

Emmanuel Bernard for Wanderboy (USA)

Erol Zunarci for Misericordia (Turkey)

Ludovic Mudry for Generation Z (USA)

Tyler J. Weinberger for Small Ball (USA)


Best Editing

Adam J. Boyer, Eric Burton, Eric Kneifel and Peter Nevill for Rebuilding History: Three Miles Across The Hudson (USA)

Dragon Egg (USA)

Linoleum (France)

Meko Winbush for Vlog (USA)

Mengxue Hou for Where Dreams Rest (USA)


Best Sound Design

Jay Bolotin for The Silence of Professor Tösla (Mexico)

Petty Thing (China)

The Game (Peru)


Best Sound Editing

Helder Filipe Gonçalves for Mixed Movie (Portugal)

Justin D. Wright for Latteship (USA)

Minica Casbara for Waiting (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

Andrew Vernon, Nick Gotten and David Ochs for Higher Space (USA)

Christopher Marino for Con Esperanza (USA)

Jake Miller for Blow Cut (USA)


Best Costume Design

Ana Maria Macedo and Lurdes Sobral for The Nun’s Kaddish (Portugal)

Deward Lawrence for No Dayz Off (USA)

Gwladys Duthil and Ester Manas for Linoleum (France)


Best Original Score

Gabriele Ciotola and Renzo Sartori for Generation Z (USA)

Michael Engesser for The Connection (USA)

Pedro Marques for The Nun’s Kaddish (Portugal)

Robert Mai for Paraíso (USA)

Royce Martin for Small Ball (USA)


Best Original Song

“Memories” written and performed by Kendall Luther for Joe Goes to the Store (USA)

“Nothing to See” written and performed by Wesley Fox for Nothing to See (USA)

“The Boy & The Girl – Part I” written and performed by Gabriel Ostafew for On Borrowed Time (USA)




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