Pickford Theater: Block 3.9 – Other Fantasies (Sunday 23rd, 3.30pm-5.10pm)


Ratul, a young boy in Bangladesh, is magically shown two very different visions of the future.

Directed by Mohammad Shihab Uddin (Bangladesh)

Out of competition

Here Cut Salon

On a mysterious night, a hairdresser who has a magical power of cutting sadness meets a strange client whose face is covered by their hair… The hairdresser seems to have found the “person” that she was looking for.

Directed by Kenneth Ma (USA)

North America premiere


Where is happiness for goldfish? A-18-year-old Japanese girl, who seeks the question meets a mysterious girl in Hong Kong. Identifying each other, they grab a goldfish and head to a lake, where they’re going to release the fish.

Directed by Qunio Nozawa (Japan)

North America premiere

The King of Nowhere

The middle of nowhere, Siberia. A grizzled hermit squats in an abandoned church. He is cold, lonely and all out of food. Instincts clash with pride and stubbornness, as he is forced to walk a fine line between survival and dignity.

Directed by Victor Harder Hesel (Denmark)

North America premiere


A handyman arrives to his last job… of the day? Certainly. Ever? Perhaps…

Directed by Rob Misleh (USA)

Out of competition

Your One And Only

After receiving an abortion behind her husbands back in an attempt to save their marriage, Sophie comes home to find him in bed with another woman. In order to extract her revenge, she invites his young mistress, Marsha, to stay for lunch.

Directed by Alice Biletska (USA)